Compared to 2D video, 3D video gives us an entirely new sensory experience. In the camcorder market, 3D camcorders may be the new hot devices and uses buy 3D camcorders to record unusual images. so it’s great to have a 3D camcorder like JVC GS-TD1, Sony HDR-TD10, HDR-TD20VE, Panasonic HDC-SDT750, Panasonic AG-3DA1.

If you have got a 3D camcorder and recorded lots of 3D AVCHD MTS files, you may want to watch the recorded 3D videos on HD TV, portable devices or just want to import these 3D AVCHD files in some None Linear Editing software like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio, etc for advanced editing. However, the 3D AVCHD MTS footage is not that easy to handle. In this case, we recommend you a quick workaround to transcode 3D AVCHD MTS files to a proper format for easy playback or editing with AVCWare 2D to 3D Converter. This 2D to 3D Converter can handle both 3D and 2D videos generated by an JVC/Sony/Panasonic Full-HD 3D camcorder, you can convert JVC/Sony/Panasonic 3D videos to 2D video format like MP4, AVI, MPG, AVI, MOV, etc for playing with iPhone/iPod/iPad, android phone/tablet, nokia lumia, hdtv, apple tv, etc or 3D format like SBS MP4, etc for 3D HDTV, 3D players.

How to convert JVC/Sony/Panasonic 3D Recordings to 2D or 3D for Players?

Step 1. Download and install the 2D to 3D Converter on your computer.

Step 2. Click 3D to 2D, you come to the 3D to 2D converting panel. Hit Add File and choose the video you want to convert.
Or click 3D to 3D, you come to the 3D to 3D converting panel. click the Add button to load the JVC/Sony/Panasonic 3D AVCHD files.

AVCWare 2D to 3D Converter

Step 3. If you choose 3D to 2D, just click the Profile bar and choose a decent format as you need like “HD Video -> HD H.264 Video (*.mp4)”.

If you choose 3D to 3D, this converter provide 5 3D modes for you to choose. Select the one that suits best for your player and 3D glasses. Adjust the depth to your satisfaction. Then define the output format like “HD Video -> HD H.264 Video (*.mp4)”

2D to 3D Converter

Step 4. Then click the Convert button to start the JVC/Sony/Panasonic 3D Recordings conversion.

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