Summary: UFUShare Photo Recovery for Windows or Mac can be your ideal tool to recover deleted videos from Sony HDR-CX625 within several simple clicks

“Hi folks, yesterday I was watching the cherished moments which I have recorded from Sony HDR-CX625 Camcorder but I accidentally pressed the format button and lost all those valuable videos. Sadly, I haven’t made any backup also so, is there any method to recover lost videos from Sony HDR-CX625 camcorder effectively? Thanks !!”

Yes, there is a possibility to recover deleted videos from Sony HDR-CX625 camcorder. When you directly delete videos from your Sony HDR-CX625, there is no recycle bin like there is on a computer to store deleted files. This is why you can’t see them when you connect it to your computer.

But, deleted videos of Sony HDR-CX625 are not completely gone. They only become invisible and are available to be overwritten by new files. Therefore, you can recover deleted videos from Sony HDR-CX625.

It is unavoidable that data loss from our camera, for example, mistaken deletion. It is a great pity that precious videos are deleted by mistake. But now, do not worry, it is easy to recover lost files from Sony HDR-CX625. What you need is only UFUShare Photo Recovery for Windows or Mac. And this article below will base on Mac version to show you how to recover deleted videos from Sony HDR-CX625.

Important note: Do not add new files to your memory card if you want to recover deleted files from the card, or new files will overwrite the deleted data and make them unrecoverable.

Download Sony HDR-CX625 Photo Recovery for Windows:

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Download Sony HDR-CX625 Photo Recovery for Mac:

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Steps to Retrieve Deleted Video Files from Sony HDR-CX625 Camcorder

Before doing file recovery, free download the latest version of the Sony Video Recovery and install it into your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 1: Connect Sony HDR-CX625 to Computer

Directly connect your Sony HDR-CX625 camcorder to Mac with a USB cable. Or pull out the memory stick, then connect it to computer using a card reader.

Sony HDR-CX625 recovery

Step 2: Scan Deleted Video Files

Launch Sony Video Recovery. Here, your Sony HDR-CX625 or memory stick will appear as a driver letter. Select it and click “Start Scan” to begin scanning.

Step 3: Recover Videos from Sony HDR-CX625

When the scanning finishes, all recoverable files will be listed in the scanning result. You can preview and check the videos you want to get back. Then, click “Recover”

Tip: Don’t save the recovered videos and photos on your Sony HDR-CX625 or the source memory stick again.

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