“I have a 32GB CF card for my Nikon D3S. It worked just fine for a long time. But this afternoon, after taking a few pictures, the camera screen suddenly read “CF Card not formatted.” and locked up. I came to the conclusion that I had to format the CF Card, which I then did using the in-camera settings. 80 priceless photos wiped out. But I know there is a way to recover lost photos that were accidentally deleted, formatted, etc. from CF cards. Can anyone recommend any programs or other methods to recover my lost photos from Nikon D3S cf card?”

We may accidentally delete, lost or formatted photos,videos or documents, etc which inserted in the Nikon D3S CF card due to various reasons, such as clicking wrong buttons, infecting virus, being formatted or corrupted. It will be pretty awful if those photos,videos or documents, etc have not restored or uploaded to you computer or other devices. It will be worse if those pictures/videos are very precious and in relation to your business or life. Everything will be late until you realize you erase your precious photos or videos recorded by Nikon D3S by mistake and then you probably will feel regret and frustrated because it is extremely valuable to take those pictures, videos and they are not able to be shot the same as before even though you try your best. Then, Is there any way to retrieve erased pictures, photos,videos or documents, etc from Nikon D3S CF card. Next, we will explain why and how to get back the delete, lost or formatted pictures, photos,videos or documents, etc.

Why & How to Get Back Deleted Lost/Formatted Pictures/Videos from Nikon D3S CF card?

With the risk of losing precious data from the CF memory card of your Nikon D3S camera, you are obliged to figure out effective and powerful tools to retrieve deleted, lost or formatted photos or videos. As a matter of fact you can easily recover deleted photos or videos from Nikon D3S CF card with just few clicks via UFUShare File recovery. However, you’d better not use the memory card for new files before you complete to get your important pictures back from Nikon D3S CF card, or your deleted, lost or formatted indexes probably overwritten. With UFUShare File Recovery for Windows or Mac, you can retrieve more data like videos, music, documents, etc. from all types of Nikon D3S CF card and so on. Next time you accidentally delete your pictures from Nikon D3S CF card without restoring or uploading them to your computer or other devices, please go to UFUShare Data Recovery for help.

The Nikon camera recovery software provides you with free trial version, with which you can scan out and preview you wanted pictures, photos, videos, etc you deleted, lost or formatted from your Nikon D3S. Read on to get the details.

Download Nikon D3S Data Recovery for Windows:

Download Windows File Recovery for Windows Buy Windows File Recovery for Windows

Download Nikon D3S Data Recovery for Mac:

Download Photo Recovery for Mac Buy Photo Recovery for Mac

How to Recover Deleted, Lost or Formatted Photos/Videos/Documents, etc from Nikon D3S CF card?

Step 1. Run the Nikon D3S data recovery software

First of all, get the recovery program downloaded and installed on your computer (Here we take Windows as example and the operations are also suitable on Mac). Before running it, using a USB cable or putting CF card into an CF card reader connect your Nikon camera to the PC and once the connection is successful, you can run the program you will see four recovery modes are provided by this application. Choose the “Deleted Recovery” directly and click the “Next” button to continue.

Nikon D3S recovery

Step 2. Scan Nikon D3S CF card

Choose Nikon D3S cf card and click the big “Scan” button to start the scanning for the deleted, lost or formatted photos,videos or documents, etc.

recover files from Nikon D3S

After the quick scan, you can preview and check if the photos,videos or documents, etc you want has been found.

recover files from Nikon D3S

Step 3. Recover deleted Nikon D3S cf card files

Check the photos, pictures,videos or documents, etc you want to recover and click the “Recover” button to get them back with one click. You are allowed to customize an output folder on your computer to save the recovered files.

recover files from Nikon D3S

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