“I have a bunch of XAVC 4K files from a Sony PXW-Z90. I’m running Windows 10. What is the easiest way to edit them in Pinnacle Studio? When I try to import, Pinnacle won’t allow me to use the files as it doesn’t have the codecs for it.”

Do you have the same problem as above? Want to import XAVC 4K files to Pinnacle for editing, but only to find the loading fails. Or for some unknown reasons, the XAVC 4K footage become lossy. In order to make the Sony XAVC 4K videos work smoothly in Pinnacle, you need to be clear what file formats are supported for importing into the editing tool first.

In this case, the best workflow to edit Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC videos with Pinnacle is to convert Sony PXW-Z90 4K XAVC to AVI, this method will help you solve Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K videos to Pinnacle importing and editing issue, and you can edit Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K videos with Pinnacle with native supported AVI format.

The best software to convert videos from Sony PXW-Z90 to Pinnacle Studio is UFUShare Video Converter, this is the best Sony PXW-Z90 to Pinnacle Converter on the market, it can convert Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC videos and other HD videos to Pinnacle native supported AVI, such as convert H.264 MP4 to AVI, convert MXF to AVI. Besides AVI format, it has many optimized formats for editing programs, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, etc. With this Sony XAVC Converter you don’t need to worry about any video editing or playback issues anymore.

Download Video Converter for Windows:

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How to edit Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K videos in Pinnacle Studio?

Step 1. Install and launch the Sony XAVC Converter on your PC, and click “Add File” button to import your Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K videos to it, or directly drag and drop the Sony XAVC 4K files into the converter.

Sony XAVC Converter - Load Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K files

Step 2. Click the “Profile” option and navigate the mouse cursor to choose “HD Video -> HD AVI Video (*.avi)” as output format. The AVI is the native fromat for Pinnacle editing, with this format you can edit Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC 4K files with Pinnacle Studio smoothly.

Convert Sony PXW-Z90 4K XAVC to AVI for Pinnacle

Step 3. Click “Convert” button to convert Sony PXW-Z90 XAVC to AVI for Pinnacle on Windows with best quality.

After the Sony 4K XAVC to AVI conversion process is finished, you can click “Open Folder” button to load the generated AVI footages to Pinnacle Studio 18/19/20/11 for native editing on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP, and you won’t have problems.

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