“I was trying to recover accidentally deleted a videos on of one the Nikon D800 memory card Slots but so far I haven’t been suscceful. I have tried half a dozen softwares and none of them work, some shows a list of videos which can’t be previewed( error previewing ) and other didn’t even recover video files. I am using dual Raw steel memory card 16GB each, the other card is set as a backup. Have anyone successfully recovered video files of a Nikon D800 memory card? if so please share what worked for you.”

The chance of bring back those precious videos which were just deleted from your Nikon D800 memory card highly depends on the camera’s storage usage since the unfortunately deletion, if you haven’t taken any videos with Nikon D800, then the deleted video files are perfectly recoverable, chances are still good to bring them back with proper photo recovery software even if you used the camera (not intensively).

The thing is, deleting video files from Nikon D800 memory card is not elimination, a delete command is sent, the camera went to locate and marked the area where those deleted files stored as a free area to overwrite, so the key is to avoid overwritten, to do that, the Nikon D800 memory card should not be taking more videos or photos until the photo recovery is performed. If the storage where the deleted files got overwritten, they are gone forever.

UFUShare provides a powerful Nikon D800 memory card photo recovery software – Nikon Photo/Video Recovery for Windows or Mac to deal with this issue. It works well to recover deleted photos/videos from Nikon D800 memory card in Windows and Mac under various complex data loss circumstances:

  • Improper handling of the digital camera like Nikon D800.
  • Accidentally pressing the delete button.
  • Unintentionally formatting Nikon D800 memory card.
  • Problems with the internal file system.
  • Midway read/write interruption.
  • Hardware or software issue.

Download Nikon D800 Photo/Video Recovery for Windows:

Download Windows Photo Recovery for Windows Buy Windows Photo Recovery for Windows

Download Nikon D800 Photo/Video Recovery for Mac:

Download Photo Recovery for Mac Buy Photo Recovery for Mac

Guide to Recover Deleted Videos from Nikon D800 Memory Card?

Step 1. Connect Nikon D800 with PC/Mac

Using a USB cable or putting memory card into an memory card reader to connect Nikon D800 with Computer.

Nikon D800 recovery

Step 2. Scan Nikon D800 memory card

Running the Nikon Video Recovery,you can choose Nikon D800 memory card and click “Start Scan” for scanning.

recover files from Nikon D800

Step 3. Recover deleted Nikon D800 memory card videos

After scanning, you will see all recoverable videos with file type. At last, click “Recover” to recovering deleted Nikon D800 memory card videos.

recover files from Nikon D800

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