Pinnacle Studio is a very popular video editing software which can help you to create awesome personal movie memories fast and easy. Pinnacle Studio is the fastest, easiest, and most accurate video editing software available for everyday use, may be you have recorded some MXF clips with Sony PMW-EX1, it’s great to edit them with Pinnacle Studio before sharing the vivid images with others.

Although Pinnacle Studio 16 is announced to support MXF files for input, it takes much time in rendering MXF for smoothly editing in Pinnacle Studio. The rendering makes it inconvenient for users to easily edit Sony PMW-EX1 MXF videos on Pinnacle Studio. The best solution to edit Sony PMW-EX1 MXF footages on Pinnacle Studio is to convert Sony PMW-EX1 MXF to Pinnacle Studio compatible videos.

UFUShare Video Converter for Windows or Mac comes as the best MXF to Pinnacle Studio converter which allows you convert Sony PMW-EX1 MXF to Pinnacle Studio compatible videos on Windows or Mac platform. UFUShare MXF Converter is not only a perfect Pinnacle Studio MXF video converter, but also a useful Canon MXF merge tool which helps you merge the Sony PMW-EX1 MXF footages into one file with ease.

Here is a simple guide for you to convert Sony PMW-EX1 MXF footage to Pinnacle Studio for editing with UFUShare Canon MXF to Pinnacle Studio converter.

Download Video Converter for Windows:

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Download Video Converter for Mac:

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Step 1: Copy MXF video footages to your PC/Mac hard drive

With the help of a USB cable, you can directly copy MXF videos to PC or Mac hard drive from Sony PMW-EX1 camcorder.

Step 2: Launch UFUShare MXF Converter (for Mac) and import MXF files into it

Click the “Add File” button and browse to import Sony PMW-EX1 MXF files to UFUShare Pinnacle Studio MXF video converter.

Sony PMW-EX1 MXF Video Converter

Step 3: Choose output format for Pinnacle Studio editing

It is commonly known that AVI video format is compatible with Pinnacle Studio. So you are recommended to click the format bar and choose Common Video >> Xvid AVI – Audio Video Interleaved (Xvid) (*.avi) from format list.

Sony PMW-EX1 MXF to Pinnacle Studio

Step 4: Convert Sony PMW-EX1 MXF to Pinnacle Studio AVI videos

After you have chosen the AVI format, you need to click the convert button to start to convert Sony PMW-EX1 MXF to Pinnacle Studio AVI videos. When the conversion finished, you can click the open button to get the converted AVI videos and directly import them to Pinnacle Studio for editing without any rendering.

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