How to burn/author MXF video files onto Blu-ray disc for backup and playback? After reading this article you will know the best way to burn/author MXF files to Blu-ray disc on your computer, you will also get the best MXF to Blu-ray disc burning/authoring software.

“Hi guys, I am new to Canon camcorder, I am using Canon XF305 camcorder which records videos in .mxf video format, because I am new to camcorder so I am not familiar with MXF video format. Now my problem is how can I burn/author MXF files to Blu-ray disc with my computer? I already have the Blu-ray hard drive, what program should I choose to copy MXF to Blu-ray disc? Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!”

MXF is a “container” or “wrapper” format which supports a number of different streams of coded “essence”, encoded with any of a variety of codecs, together with a metadata wrapper which describes the material contained within the MXF file. MXF has been designed to address a number of problems with non-professional formats. MXF file format is not compatible with many programs.

After get some MXF video files, you may want to enjoy the MXF video files on Blu-ray Player, HDTV or PS4. Then you need to create Blu ray disc from MXF for playback in standalone Blu ray players or HDTV or PS4 without recoding. What tool shall we use to burn/author MXF to Blu ray?

You need a Blu-ray burning/authoring software to help you burn/author your MXF video files to the Blu-ray disc. UFUShare Blu-ray Burning/Authoring Software allows you to burn/author/create Blu-ray disc out from any video you have, no matter it’s recorded by your camcorder, or downloaded from websites on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP PC. All video formats, including HD videos, are supported, such as AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, XAVC, XAVC S, MKV, AVI, FLV, MVI, F4V, TS, TP, TRP, MPG, MPEG, M4V, MP4, VOB, WMV, MXF etc. You are offered with two Blu-ray types, BD-25 and BD-50. After burning, the Blu-ray disc can be played on HDTV or various popular Blu-ray players, such as PS3/PS4, Sony BDP-S5, Samsung BD-F, LG Electronics BP, etc.

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How to burn/author MXF files to Blu-ray disc?

Step 1. Download MXF to Blu-ray disc burning/authoring software from our website, with this program you can easily burn/author MXF files to Blu-ray disc. Besides MXF format, it also supports other HD video files.

Best Blu-ray Burning Software for Windows

Step 2. Install this best Blu-ray burning/authoring software on your computer, launch it as the best MXF to Blu-ray disc burning/authoring software. Import the MXF video files into this program, you can load batch files at one time.

Step 3. Edit the videos before burn them to disc, you are offered with options of audio tracks and subtitles. You can add your favorite audio file as the background music, or insert subtitle by adding file in SRT, SSA and ASS format. Meanwhile, it offered menus of different themes, along with editable buttons, texts etc.

Step 4. Choose target format or destination. If you want to burn/author MXF files to Blu-ray disc, please select Blu-ray disc as the target, you can also choose the target folder for burning/authoring videos to ISO image or folder.

Step 5. The final step is to click create button to begin the MXF to Blu-ray disc burning/authoring process.

When the program finished burning/authoring MXF files to Blu-ray disc, you can use the Blu-ray disc as you want, your MXF footages are copied to the Blu-ray disc, and now you can back up the videos with disc or play videos with Blu-ray disc.

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