Editing 4K video in Premiere Pro Issues

I recently started shooting 4K footage from my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and am having serious performance issues when trying to edit the footage in Premiere Pro CC 2017.”

“I have encountered some tricky issues when importing some amazing 4K footage recorded from a Panasonic camera, they play choppy and really slow, sometimes Davinci Resolve even couldn’t recognize them, let alone for editing. I’m seeking for the solution to the 4K footage to Davinci Resolve importing & editing issues. Any suggestion is appreciated!”

In recent two years, there are many guys made the switch to shooting and editing videos in 4K, which is a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics. Compared with common 1080p or 720p videos, it offers higher image definition quality, more detailed picture, better fast-action and larger projection surface visibility. Lots of 4K products such as 4K camcorders(DJI Phantom 3/4 or 4 Pro, Canon XC15, Canon C300 Mark II, Samsung 4K HEVC/H.265, Blackmagic 4K, Panasonic GH5/GH4, Sony a6500, Sony FDR AX1/AX100, JVC HM-200, …), 4K TVs, 4K movies are springing up. However, format compatibility issue is quite common in the video world, which is also true to the stunning 4K. In this article, we will talk about the 4K video and Adobe Premiere Pro compatibility. If you’re planning to import 4K video to Adobe Premiere Pro (no matter Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 or CS4) for editing, read on to find something you need.

Actually, the 4K video was restricted to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. Only the latest version Adobe After Effects CC can natively support 4K video like Sony’s XAVC. The previous version Adobe Premiere Pro CS4/CS5/CS6/CC has not yet been updated for 4K support. What’s more, due to the format limit, we can’t edit all kinds of 4K video files like 4K MP4, 4K MOV, 4K MXF, 4K MKV, 4K AVI, 4K WMV, HEVC/H.265 etc in Adobe Premiere Pro flawlessly. How to solve the issues? As mentioned above, we need to encode 4K stuff (formatted/encoded in XAVC, XAVC S, MP4, MOV, MXF etc.) to Adobe Premiere Pro compatible video and even downscale 4K to 1080p if necessary. What you need is a 4K video converter application.

Best 4K Video to Adobe Premiere Pro Converter Overview

UFUShare recommended Video Converter is the ideal 4K video converter for you, which can take your high quality 4K files and convert them into a supported format like MPEG-2 for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro any version. Besides premiere pro this software can also export professional encoders like DNxHD for Avid, WMV for Windows Movie Maker, MPEG-2 for After Effects and more. This 4K video converter is also available to customize the output resolutions to any size like 1080p, 2K, 4K as the users want. For Mac users, 4K Video Converter Mac is the alternative choice.

  • Convert 4K video to other 4K/1080P and common videos
  • Convert any video to 4K Ultra HD video to enjoy on 4K TV
  • Convert 4K video and edit on Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, FCE, FCP, Avid Media Composer and so on
  • Customize 4K video: adjust video effect, crop video frame, set 3D effect, add watermark and more
  • Enjoy 4K videos on digital devices like iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6s/6s plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/Air/mini 4, Samsung Galaxy and others

Free Download 4K Video Converter for Windows or Mac

How to Import Sony/DJI/Panasonic/Samsung/JVC/Canon/Blackmagic 4K video into Adobe Premiere Pro?

Step 1. Add 4K videos files

Run the program you just set up. Drag and drop the 4K video files to the converter. You can also hit Add files button to import videos to the app. If you wanna combine several videos into one file, you can click the “Merge into one” box.

4K Video Converter

Step 2. Choose output format

Click “Format” bar and choose HD MPEG2-PS HD Videos (*.mpg) or Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas -> MPEG-2(*.mpg) as output format for editing raw 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro with natively supported video codec.

convert 4k videos

Step 3. Advanced V/A settings

Click “Settings” button if you’d like to customize advanced audio and video parameters like Video Codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sample rate, audio channels. Note: If you want to get original 4K resolution, just keep the video size as original.

Step 4. Start converting 4K footage to Premiere Pro

Hit the convert button of the best 4K Video Converter. It will start converting 4K videos like 4K MP4, 4K MOV, 4K MXF, 4K MKV, 4K AVI, 4K WMV, HEVC/H.265 etc for importing to Adobe Premiere Pro immediately. Soon after the conversion, just click “Open” button to get the generated files for natively editing in Premiere Pro CC/CS6 as well as CS5/CS4/CS3 perfectly.

Buy the 4K Video Converter for Windows or Mac

Price: Windows $35.00 —— Mac- $35.00

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